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The following pages are just a few examples of items that can be packed with either label.  Both contain 6 ounces of product, a back ingredient label and you have the choice of  a resealable stand up bag or a stackable tub.


For our farmstand customers here are two cute ideas, gummi cows and gummi pigs 

Our famous 7oz gummi lobsters can also be packed in these containers and neatly stacked to save space.   We also have a variety of coastal items as well. 

Both options will be packed as a 12ct case.   As this line grows we can also offer a larger bag and container.

*These are just a handful of items that we picked to introduce the line, you can choose from just about any item in our warehouse. 

*You also have the option of sending us your company logo and for a one time plate fee and cost of labels we can put your company logo on the front of the packaging for you. 

*Prices will vary depending on the specific item, please contact us for further details.